Monday, February 6, 2012

The Challenge . . . Learn a New Skill! Happy Monday!!!

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This weekend I got to thinking about how blessed I am.  In this day and age of modern technology so much information is literally right at my fingertips!  If I want to know about something, anytime, day or night, I can Google it, find a You Tube video about it, or download an e-book about pretty much any subject.
 The possibilities are literally limitless!  But best of all, there are real flesh and blood people out there who have a deep desire to make a difference, people like me, who want to pass on their skills and knowledge to help real folk who are "surfing the net" looking for answers.  
 Challenge:  Learn A new skill this week!

Granddaughter, AJ learning a new skill.  Making Kick-n-it Relish.

Granddaughter, Hannah (Nana) grinding the onions for relish.

Cookinig up relish.

Finished Product-  Kick-n-It Relish!

If you find your life has been the same oh, same oh, mix it up a little!  Try spicing up your life by learning a new skill that will enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Some of you already have a list in your head of something new you want to learn but just need a little push to get you started.  For others you may need to take a moment to ask yourself, "What skill can I learn this week that will enrich my life and my family's?".  
I began this challenge a little backwards.  I purchased Yukon Gold seed potatoes but was clueless on how to actually prepare the soil, plant, care for and harvest potatoes in the desert of Arizona.  I know they're a little trickier than just dropping them into the dirt.  I researched and found out how and when to plant, harvest and care for the potatoes as they grow.  Learning this new skill is providing a healthier, tastier alternative for my family, and is moving us one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle.  
Remember it's Monday again, but not just any Monday, it's Happy Monday!!!  At least that's the way I see it . . . Over at Julie's!

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