Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Village Photos

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When we lived in Michigan, Will and I ice skated, ice-fished, snowmobiled, made snowmen, snow angels, went sledding, rode our horse bareback . . . In other words, we thoroughly enjoyed and took full advantage of our cold, snowy weather!

Emmy loved the farm animals and barns and the kids warming themselves by the fire!

That's why I love our rural Christmas Village! It's brings those memorable winter scenes into our warm climate home, and provides a way to share about our childhoods and life in Michigan with our Grands!


Nighttime Christmas lights in the bushes.

Jude Michael intrigued by our Winter Village . . . He tried to drive a big wooden truck through the village!

An orange flickering bulb makes the children's fire look so inviting.

Kids riding bareback . . . I loved riding my horse, Warrior, bareback in the wintertime. His winter coat was so deep and plush and he kept me warm!

Winter Wonderland brings back memories of snowmobiling around the lake back in Sturgis, MI, USA.
Frosty's Ice House.
Land's End Boat House and ice skater.
Ice fisherman roasting his catch, while children warm their hands by the fire.

More ice skating ponds with skaters and chickens being fed.
Kids making a snowman.
Papa chopping wood.

The Grands and I have talked about how fun it would be if the little people and animals in the our Winter Village were alive and moving about . . . we giggled about them needing tiny food to eat. I love their vivid imaginations!

These first few days following Christmas have been so restful . . . but that's about to change . . . Will and I are excited . . . our Grands, A.J. and Hannah will be spending 2 weeks with us while Papa and Momma are in Time Square, NYC, USA for New Year's Eve, and then on to South Africa for a vacation a bit of ministry!

There's always something new and exciting going on . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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