Monday, October 7, 2013

Visiting Family in Michigan

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It's crisp and cool here in Michigan this time of year, and we experienced Fall at the peak of all her splendor!

My first photo after arriving in Michigan . . . You could hear the squirrels, in these woods, busily chattering as they gathered nuts and seeds for winter.

. . . Trees and bushes are the prettiest reds, pinks, oranges and yellows! Even poison ivy is dressed a deceptive, yet inviting, bright red crimson!!!
Will eating fried pickles at a place called Smokey Bones in Grand Rapids, Mi.

I drove the back roads from Momma's house, so all us girls and our husbands could enjoy the beautiful woods and landscaped yards along the way . . . to Red Lobster to celebrate Momma's 89th birthday together!
Singing Happy Birthday to you . . . !

My brother, Joel gased up his quad and Momma's Big Red, for Will and me to ride around the family's 29 acre farm. He cut wide paths with the "Brush Hog" so we had lots of trails and hills to climb. Must say, "It's a great way to get around, and quite exillerating climbing the steep hills of the "Hog's Back" (steep ridge piled up and cut in by the glaciers)!
Sister Jann showed me some crochet stitches . . . Lefty style, and how to increase and decrease . . . Now if I can just remember them all! Gotta practice to get the tension right!

One of the random things I like to do at stores, is try on goofy hats . . . Here's a photo of Will and Momma trying on hats at Family and Farm in Mason, MI.

Our last night, brother, Joel took us all out for pizza, deep dish Chicago style, at place called Klavon's in Rives Junction, MI. The place was packed, and it's out in the middle of nowhere! The pizza . . . Incredible!!!!!!!

Here we are waiting for our table at Klavon's.
Will, niece- Katie, brother- Joel, niece- Michele, Me, Momma, sister- Jann and nephew- Justin.

Will and I had a wonderful time back in Michigan visiting with family. The time just went too fast!

Now it's back to gardening, decorating my house for Fall, and working on those special homemade Christmas presents . . . Over at Julie's!!!

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