Friday, April 4, 2014

After a Difficult Few Months . . . I'm Back!

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We all have times in our lives when trauma hits us and we become S-T-U-C-K ! ! !

That's exactly what happened to me way back the end of October 2013. I have tried to write about it repeatedly, and have found myself not quite able to put my thoughts into words . . . So, I have hit the delete button . . . again and again and again . . . until today . . .

The newest addition to our family . . . Tyler II at 3 months.

First, I need to give you a bit of background.

Over a decade ago my Daddy was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, put in hospice and sent home to die. During the same time, my sweet Siamese, Toby was also dying of cancer. Will and I put him down, and then I flew to Michigan to support my family and spent precious time with Dad.

I was able to spend 2 wonderful days with Dad before he passed on. He was in so much pain and had so many physical issues, it was a blessing to know the struggling with pain was over, and he is dancing on streets of gold! I miss him terribly but, he is in heaven totally whole, and that brings me great peace and joy!

The same year, our youngest son, Matthew, then 18, was accepted into a 1 year internship with Teen Mania Ministries, in Tyler, Texas and we were going through "no kids at home" withdrawal . . . big time!

A few months after losing my Daddy, my cat, and our youngest son (for a whole year), the Lord brought a new Siamese kitten into my life . . . Tyler!(named after Tyler, TX, where Matt was living).

If you are a pet owner, you know just how attached we can become to our pets, and them to us. They somehow weave themselves into our hearts and lives, This little kitten was truly a gift from God at a time when I was suffering such a great loss! He and I were inseparable! Right from the start, there was something different about Tyler. Most cats like to be "loved on", when they decide it's time . . . Tyler truly loved on me, ministering to my needs! He was an exceptional, one-of-kind, cat. I was always telling him how handsome he was and that he was my "gift from God".

In late October 2013, Ty became ill and we just couldn't get his body to bounce back. He began losing weight and his body began shutting down. Before we said our goodbyes, I told him I would always love him, and promised him I would find a better way to care for my next Siamese kitten (cats should live to the ripe old age of 20, not 10 or 11 like my 2 previous, wonderfully loved, terribly missed, Siamese cats). His untimely death has caused such a deep sense of loss and grief . . . I just have not been myself. He is buried out among my wild flowers, and it has just been recently that I don't break down weeping when I look upon his gravesite.

Ty II at 16 weeks old.

Will and I purchased a new Siamese kitten, Tyler II, the first week in December 2013 and he is wonderful, endearing, and follows me wherever I go. As wonderful as he is, he can not replace the head butting, lavish, love-giver Tyler was.

Our new little boy is already 7 1/2 months old and weighs in at hefty 8.4 lbs. He is quite a character! His favorite game is playing fetch . . . Over and over again! One day Will was laying down for a nap, when Ty II decided it was time to play. Ty brought his ball up on the bed and they had a quick game of 10 tosses. Will finally laid down, but when he awoke, he found Tyler had brought all his toys up on the bed . . . 2 balls, 3 toy mice, and a pink pipe cleaner!

The only cat toothbrush that actually fits in a tiny kitty mouth (I just use water, not toothpaste).

I am bound and determined this kitten will live a long, healthy life and I am doing everything possible to make that happen! As a part of my "Stay Healthy, Live Longer Plan", Ty gets his teeth brushed with a special toothbrush every night before bedtime and then he gets 6 little treats! His big brother Beau gets 3 treats for waiting patiently for Ty to get his teeth brushed (not quite fair, I know). After finding an incredibly knowledgable website by Lisa A. Pierson DVM on everything you could possibly ever want to know about keeping your cat healthy . . . We are now making homemade cat food and are being very particular in choosing safer vaccinations for our kitten.


Knowledge is power . . . As I continue to grow in wisdom concerning my family's nutrition and care, I am also taking a proactive role in the care and nutrition of our furry family as well . . . Over at Julie's!!!

Our handsome Tyler II at 7 1/2 months old.


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