Thursday, March 1, 2012


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Will flew to Florida today for a business meeting. Two days of flying sandwiched between one actual day of meetings.

I miss him when he's gone. Because Will works from home, I'm used to his presence in our house. Most of the day he's holed up behind a closed door running a virtual call center, but I know he's there and I've come to appreciate his presence. I enjoy cooking up something special for him while he is working. Not everyone has the opportunity to send tantalizing aromas, like smoke signals, as a declaration of their love. I take full advantage of this because it gives me great joy making a special meal or treat for the man I love!
You see, I fell in love with Will when I was 15 years old; married at 20 and this June we will celebrate 40 years of marriage! It's hard to believe so many years have past. In all those years together we have grown in our love and commitment to each other. So, what is the secret to a good marriage, one that lasts? We made a promise in the presence of God, family and friends, that we would love each other and stay together for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, till death do us part and we've kept that promise. Our marriage hasn't been some "fairy tale", happily ever after. We've been through the worse, the poorer and sickness parts, but chose to love, forgive, to keep loving and honoring each other. The key word is "chose".
Our decisions affect so many people. Our children, grandchildren, friends, and acquaintances are watching our lives. In a world where so many things are disposable, and subject to change, shouldn't our word be real and true? Shouldn't our marriages be lasting and love-filled?

Our future is in our children, our children's children and in our generations still to come. They are looking to us, to genuinely live our lives like they really do matter. The choices we make resound through all eternity!
Who are the precious ones in your life, looking to you for a genuine life, lived with purpose and commitment?
What are they seeing?

I know this isn't my usual post, but that's what I'm thinking about . . . Over at Julie's.



  1. Great post, I think of these things often.

  2. Life is wonderful and it is hard too. God's grace gives us His empowering presence to do the right things consistently . . . Walking in love and forgiveness, choosing to live each day knowing it matters. He gives us the courage and strength to press through.


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