Monday, June 4, 2012

Beauty in the flower garden

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I love the graceful trumpets on the Orange Jubilee.



Day Lilies, their colorful blooms are here today and gone tomorrow.


Double ruffled day lily.

This day lily has a history. 31 years ago when we were planning our move to Arizona I didn't think I could ever grow lilies of any kind here. I dug up my orange double ruffled day lily and gave it to my Momma. Years later on a visit back to see my folks I commented on "her beautiful lilies". Momma reminded me that they were actually mine, I dug up a clump, wrapped them in damp newspaper and a plastic bag brought them to my home in Arizona and they thrive here!

Gorgeous Lily of the Nile! The hummingbirds love this lily!

The Gloriosa Daisy makes a beautiful cut flower arrangement.

Even with the temps in the high 100's this past week it was such a joy seeing these hardy perennials smiling in the sun . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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  1. hi dear friend its tuesday again...wanted to invited everyone on the tuesday's musings we are all busy people but sharing our faith is nice ..feel free to join...thanks if you do blessing for you all


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