Monday, August 20, 2012

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

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There are lots of ways to bring beauty to our lives; I try to surround myself with beautiful things. Some of my most treasured things of beauty are my children, their wives (our daughters) and our precious grand children! Nothing compares with being surrounded by my incredible family!

When the family gets together, there is alway food involved!

Natural beauty brings me such joy! Planting a garden and watching tender green leaves spring up out of the soil, growing, blossoming and finally producing succulent produce! I love mowing the lawn when all our fruit trees are in bloom, especially circling round and round the citrus trees and their heady perfume!


New bean plant pushing up out of the soil.

The first real set of leaves emerge.

I love harvesting fresh herbs, their pungent smells, beautifully distinct leaf patterns and textures! The amazing ways they change everyday meals into Celebration Feasts!


All-in-One Almond Tree ~ 3 years old this October.

I love planting trees! Trees to provide shade, fruit trees with the promise of jams, syrups, sauces, and fruit studded confections, citrus trees for juice, marmalades, lemonades, pies filled with tangy custards, piled high with meringues! Nut trees . . . beautiful in form and blossom with the added bonus of small packages filled with crunchy delights!


Half of our almond harvest.

Outer shells removed, paper thin shells remain to hold in freshness!

I love hearing our bees buzzing, methodically gathering nectar and pollen, helping to insure our land will produce a bounty! I love watching our Girls, in their beautiful array of feathered petticoats running across the back yard! I love hearing their distinct voices and the way they follow me around the yard!
Pollinating our blackberries.

Busy bee!
I love watching the mountains behind our house . . . Always the same . . . Always changing . . . the way the sun moves across the mountain marking the changing of seasons . . . glorious sunsets, moonsets ~ crescents, full moons sinking slowly behind our mountain. Covered with shadows, clouds, storms with bolts of lightening, browns, purples, cloud covered, occasionally snow covered, once on fire!


Sunset and storm moving in over the mountain.

Clouds and shadows.

You might have figured out by now, that I really love the life Will and I have worked to create here in Arizona, on 3 irrigated acres that you all know as . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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