Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY ~ Monkey Business!!!

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Around 4 years ago I purchased Curious George monkeys for all the Grands . . . For the girl monkeys I added blush, earrings, ribbons, pretty dresses, ballet skirts and Maggie, Katherine, Molly and Abby were born! For our Grandson, John Isaac, I made a safari outfit for his George. A year later, Jude Michael was born and we gave him a smaller Georgie in flannel PJs!

Our live in model, Lucy helps me with all the designing of monkey clothes, and the Grands love to play with her when they come for visits!

I created all my sewing projects on a basic sewing machine for the last 41 years . . . You know, I could probably thread my old machine and bobbin with my eyes closed (just kiddin') because I've done it so many times! And then came my new baby . . . The Brother HC1850 . . . Woo Hoo!!!


You can't imagine what a machine like this does to one's mind! The possibilities are limitless, however . . . everything is so totally different in the way this new machine works! They say, "You can't teach a old dog new tricks"? Well, this Puppy is learning new tricks and loving it!

Here's the first 2 projects I worked on to learn the ins and out of threading the machine, winding drop-in bobbins, changing pressure feet, sewing without a pressure foot, auto buttonholes and, using decorative stitches.

My Vermont Teddy Bear, Missy is modeling Abby's new bibs!

I love being able to embellish with decorative and alphanumeric stitches!


Note the floral stitching on the bottom hem . . . Love it!


How cute is this? I love the decorative stitches!


Construction stitches.
Decorative stitches . . .

More Decorative Stitches.

Alphanumeric Stitches.
Here's the control center . . . All the stitches, length, width and which pressure foot to use are all shown on the screen.


Well, there you have it! After I ordered this machine through Amazon, I was so excited, I was constantly checking the shipping status! Confession: I even lost sleep because I was so excited, but it was so-ooo worth it! I love this sewing machine!

This has certainly been a learning experience for me! I had to rip out the stitches on Molly's front pocket 3 times, but it is a small pocket, thank God! Practice makes perfect, and there will be a lot of "practice" going on . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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