Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY ~ Homemade, Washable, Stool Covers

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I've been messing around with the idea of making washable seat covers for my padded stools for quite some time now. I'd pulled out my 18-inch pizza pan to use as a pattern, but it was too small . . . I needed a 23-inch round for hemming and putting in elastic for a snug fit and easy removal for washing.

Issue: I have back problems . . . standing in place for extended periods of time causes pain.

Solution: A lightweight, padded, swivel stool in the kitchen, and bathroom to save wear and tear on my back!

Personalize and Keep it Clean: Make washable covers to go with kitchen and bath decor, and for the different seasons.

There are a lot of tasks that can easily be done atop a stool: dishes, and food prep, applying makeup, brushing teeth, and curling hair, to name a few . . . That being said, my stools get quite a workout!

The original upholstery on my stools is a light tan, non-removable, microfiber suede . . . Yuck! The stool's cover is pretty spotted with this and that from baking and just plain life!

I already have a valance on the back door using this cute chicken print, so the extra material on hand, became my first stool cover! The colors go well with my black appliances and flooring in the kitchen. I'm also planning a cover for the Fall and Christmas seasons!


You will need:

Newspaper, for making your pattern

Cardboard or cutting mat


Measuring tape, cloth or metal



Push pin


Pre washed 24 x 24-inch material

1/4-inch wide elastic

Sewing thread

Sewing machine

Iron and a spray bottle

  • Place a cutting board or cardboard on cutting area
  • Secure newspaper to board on all 4 corners, with tape
  • Measure and mark the center of your newspaper with a cross
  • Measure stool and decide how much overhang you will need for covering stool, going underneath, for hem and elastic.
  • Tie string to pencil and a loop for push pin, making sure you stretch your string when measuring for half the diameter of your circle.
  • Make half of the arc of your circle, fold newspaper and cut out complete circle.
  • I needed a 23-inch circle, but my newspaper was only 22-inches wide, so I cut out a 22-inch circle; pinned it to my material and cut an extra 1/2-inch outside of the newspaper pattern.
  • With right side of material down: Spray 4-5-inch sections along the edge; folding material over about 1/4-inch, work slowly around the circle pressing the edges over.
  • Fold material over a second time, about 1/2-inch, pinning as you go, forming a pocket for the elastic to be pulled through. The folded over material will be too bulky, so you'll need to make little tucks in the material to make a neat circle.
  • Mark a 2 to 3-inch "no sew zone" you will use this to access the pocket for pulling you elastic through.
  • Sew around inner edge of of pocket (note the opening below for threading the elastic).
Sorry for the blurry photo . . . In this shot you can see the place left unsewn to insert the elastic.
You can buy special "lacers" for pulling your elastic through or just attach a large safty pin to elastic and use that to slide your elastic around through the pocket.
  • Pull elastic to gather cover. Secure elastic with a pin and try it on your stool. You can make adjustments while cover is on your stool. Sew ends of elastic together with a needle and thread, cut off extra elastic.
  • Whip stitch opening in pocket.
The finished product . . . Cute, washable, stool cover!


  • Enjoy your pretty new cover!
As you can see in this photo, the colors I have chosen go perfectly with our black appliances, honey oak cabinets and rust colored tiles. I like to use black backgrounds in my materials . . . This poor stool has truly been transformed, and now makes a striking statement in my kitchen . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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