Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday! Recipe for Momma's Olive Dip

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Monday is one of my most favorite days; probably because it comes after Sunday, my day of rest and reflexion.  It's my refueling day, if you will, spiritually, emotionally and physically preparing me to hit the floor running on Happy Monday!

New is great, but I don't want to lose those things I treasure, e.g. my Momma's recipe for Olive Dip!  I don't know where the original recipe came from, and it was never written down.  It's just one of those "good eats" I paid attention to while she was making it because it tastes incredible!  All of my Daughters have learned how to make it just by hanging out in the kitchen with me.  So today I had this brilliant idea!  Why not make up a batch and actually use measuring spoons and write down how much of everything I put in!  So here it is . . . drum roll please!  

Momma's (Best in the World) Olive Dip

 8     ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
 2-3  dashes Tabasco brand pepper sauce
1/2   tablespoon (1 1/2 teaspoons) Worcestershire Sauce
 3     tablespoons olive juice
 2     tablespoons half and half, milk, or sour cream
12    Manzanilla olives stuffed (w/pimentos), sliced into rounds

  • In a 3 to 4 cup mixing bowl, add all ingredients minus the sliced olives.
  • With a hand-mixer or spoon, mix cream cheese mixture well until blended and smooth.
  • Add olives, mix well.           
Note:  If you're craving this dip and can't wait for the cream cheese to get to room temperature, which is usually the case in our family, place mixing bowl in bottom of sink before turning on hand mixer to keep splatters contained.

Olive Dip is the best with chips.
Top burger w/a big glob and you've got an Olive Burger

Great spread for toast straight out of toaster; it gets all soft and gooey!

It's been a tough day . . . I had to make olive dip; eat it smeared, hot and gooey, on homemade artisan bread, toasted to perfection; dip crispy potato chips in olive dip and eat them and, last but not least, eat a burger topped with olive dip.  Do I hear an "Oh, you poor thing"? 
 Happy Monday!!  

A bowl of Momma's Olive Dip . . . endless possibilities!!


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