Friday, January 27, 2012

How Far Is Too Far?

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 Rhonda Hetzel from Down to Earth blog posed this question, "How far is too far?".
 She was out shopping and still using her leather purse of 20+ years.  As Rhonda paid for a purchase, the sales lady noticed the lining in her purse was torn and tatty from years of wear.  On the way out Rhonda stopped by the purse department to look for a replacement.   She found a similar purse made with the same soft leather as her old one.  The original price for the new purse was $225.00 but it had been reduce by $100, ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!  She put the purse down and went home and sewed new lining in her old purse and polished up the leather.
So, my question to you is, "How far is too far?".  Should we throw something useful away just because it's old?  Or could we clean and polish it up, maybe give it a coat of paint or sew up that small tear.  The very least we should do is clean it up and give it to Good Will.  We have become too consumer oriented and then wonder why our landfills are so full.
Will and I have bed sheets over 25 years old that we still use on our bed!  They don't make such soft and comfortable sheets anymore and the newer sheets are narrower and shorter.  I have stitched up little tears and we still lovingly put them on our bed.  Hang them outside to dry so the dryer doesn't destroy them.
Here's a little refurbishing I did while Will was out of town.  "He",  turned "She" was all faded and beginning to rust.  I got out my acrylic paints, let my creative juices flow and Voila!  Missy Moo Moo was born!  Only wish I had a before and after so you could see what a mess "He" was.
I think her new look makes quite a fashion statement!
Check out the detail on the hat!

 How do you like her new lips?  She has a face only her mommy could love!
Missy was so much fun to paint and I know she'll be around for years to come bringing a smile to all who see her!

Our living room, turned toy room, first for our sons and now for our grands,  has a huge box in it.  I cut out windows, put a roof on it and the grandkids have enjoyed personalizing it with crayon pictures.

Grandson, John Isaac in his own personalized box with friends!

Evergreen and Libby hanging out in the Box!

Grandkids, Matty, Emmy and Jude playing in the Box!

What have you fixed up lately or made into a treasure for yourself or someone you love?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I am excited to see my seven old son having fun creating and designing. Lately he created a robot suit with a small white box. He made two holes for eyes and draw a nose and a mouth with many different colors. Two days ago, he created a small tree house with a very small square box and a round plastic container. He connected these two by tied strings between them. He called, "The Tree house for my mini Lalaloopsys." :)
    Joy from Phoenix, AZ

  2. My kids are always asking if we can reuse things. They have reused altoid tins for their own personal change purse. They turn boxes into houses for their dolls. I feel so proud when my kids say they need to reuse things instead of buying more things.

  3. It is terribly easy to buy new to replace old. More and more I am realising the value in buying decent things that will last, rather than something that appears cheap but will break. My guilty secret is that, though I love to sew, I hate to do repairs. I have a full basket of things, often waiting for something as simple as a button to be sewn on.....
    Having said that, I am good at recycling clothing that is beyond repair, turning shirts into art smocks, old suits into kids skirts, and all sorts of bits and pieces into quilts.


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