Monday, May 21, 2012

Recent Harvests

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Just thought I'd send a quick post to show you what we have harvested so far this week.


Rhubarb, peaches, boysenberries, sweet mini red peppers, tomatoes and a sweet onion oh, and a lemon!

We harvested 4 potato plants so far, and some of our garlic, tomatoes and more peaches and a quart and a half more boysenberries!

This was our first year growing potatoes (Yukon golds) and our first crop of boysenberries. The blackberries are abundant but small and hard this year. Not sure what went wrong.

Harvest sure makes a pretty photo . . . Over at Julie's!!!


  1. Your harvest is fabulous! We are still just beginning our planting season. I would like to try growing berries next year, those boysenberries look pretty tasty :)


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoy your blog.

      We had new potatoes and just pulled carrots with our roast beef tonight and they were delicious! Right now I'm in the middle of making my first ever boysenberry pie!

      We started with 3 boysenberry plants a year and a half ago. The first season we picked 2 whole berries so, it's pretty exciting finally having enough for a pie!

      Thank you for


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