Saturday, September 1, 2012

A New Toy/Work Horse in my Kitchen

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My new and beautiful grain mill arrived yesterday!

Me, Hannah, and big sis AJ watching the wheat berries funneling through the hopper and our first milled flour pouring into the bowl!

Last summer we bought a small manual grain mill . . . Will and I were going to make "2-stage whole wheat bread". He was responsible for grinding the grain the night before and doing stage 1 . . . Soaking the grain in an acidic medium, such as yogurt, whey, vinegar or lemon juice to break down the phytic acid, while the mixture sat overnight. The problem was the little "$70 Wonder" took -forever- to grind 3 cups of wheat and so we made amgrand total 2 whole wheat loaves in a year's time! Not exactly the vision we had to begin with!

I've been busy learning about hard spring wheat, hard white wheat, soft white wheat, Durham wheat etc. Today we drove to Preparing Wisely, in Mesa, and bought oat grouts, soft white wheat (for pastry flour), hull-less barley, sorghum grain and millet for flaking, whole rye ~ for bread and some 6 gallon food grade buckets to store it all in. We already have a 45# bucket of organic hard red spring wheat and a 45# bucket of hard white wheat for bread making. With our new grain mill I'll be able to even make rice flour and homemade soba noodles! I'm jazzed!

Isn't she pretty? And she also flakes whole grains!

Our Grands are always begging for our "Eatmeal"! Now they'll be able to turn the big crank and make their own oatmeal flakes! They are gonna love the sweet flavor of freshly flaked oatmeal and I will be able to flake all the different grains I love to put in my homemade bread!

Hope your weekend is packed full of fun and laughter!

Will's back from his business trip and we're enjoying our time together . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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