Friday, October 5, 2012

Making a Feast out of Nothing . . . Turkey a la King!

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This week I bought a fresh turkey breast at Sprouts on a manager's special. This particular turkey had a piece of the backbone still attached. Such an innocuous bit of turkey, most would have thrown it out!

I cut it from the turkey breast, popped it in a sauce pan with some water, half an onion, a bay leaf, and a touch of salt and pepper. After simmering away for 3-4 hours, I took almost 1 12 cups of meat off the bones! The broth came out so rich, I decided to make a rich turkey milk gravy, add a couple of veggies and serve it over, what else, Flakey Baking Powder Biscuits!

Milk gravy with onion, sweet red peppers, hatch chills, and a hand full of peas, and of course, turkey!

This meal was a great success! Will said it tasted like turkey pot pie, and he was right! Such a simple meal, and it cost me pennies to make!

My fresh turkey breast gave Will and I ~ a full turkey dinner . . . twice, 4 turkey sandwiches on Kaiser Rolls, and turkey pot pie! Not bad for $12! And the best part of it? Each meal was absolutely delicious . . . Over at Julie's!!!

Oh yeah, more comfort food!!!


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