Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A.J. and the Creamsicles

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I got a phone call from my granddaughter yesterday . . . She was following my recipe for making Creamsicles and was having trouble "waiting" for the ice cream to harden around the sticks so they could eat them!

A.J. ~ "Hi Gramma, I'm making your recipe for Creamsicles and the sticks keep falling out of them!"

"You have to let them freeze."

A.J. ~ " . . . How long does that take?"

"Three to four hours."

A.J. ~ "Oh!"

It thrills my heart, my 9 year old granddaughter is on my blog, finding recipes that she is making! As parents and grandparents isn't it our responsibility to mentor our babies . . . .? Learning how to follow recipes, and make a healthier version of the SCARY foods sitting in our "friendly" neighborhood markets is empowering!

Hannah and A.J. eating the fruits of their labor!

I am so very proud of A.J.! Way to go, Baby!

It's still Summertime . . . Time to whip up a cold, refreshing, liberating snack from . . . Over at Julie's!!!


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