Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas in July

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Our youngest, Matt decided he wanted a big birthday party this year with the theme ~ Christmas in July! So, we loaded up our car with presents, a small cooler with drinks, an extra gallon of drinking water . . . just in case we had car trouble, and we were off!

Christmas Birthday in July!


They put up their Christmas tree, played Christmas music, we all opened and traded "white elephant" gifts back and forth and everyone had their photos taken as Mr. and Mrs. Claus! It was a wonderful party and all the guests had a great time!


I decided I wanted to be Santa! Doesn't Will make a cute Mrs?


The tough part was getting to Matt and Jessica's home in Coolidge, AZ, through the largest Haboob (dust storm) we have ever encountered!

Haboob in the distance . . . isn't it beautiful?
Here it comes!


It's getting closer!
Pretty bad . . .

The scary part . . . but up above us we could see blue sky!


Driving out of the storm . . . rainbow in our Sonoran Desert and a couple of saguaro cactus.


Driving through the Indian Reservation.


The Haboob was definately incredible to behold, at a distance . . . but I had to drive through 18 miles of it and that was quite a challenge! There were pockets of dust so thick we couldn't see anything in front of us! Hazard lights made it easier to keep track of the vehicle in front and hopefully for the vehicle behind us, which at times, totally disappeared! Thankfully, Will was at my side for added support and encouragement. He was busy snapping photos, using my iPad, so we can share our Saturday adventures with you!

Driving home was a little anticlimactic after all the excitement. With a gentle rain, pitter-pattering on our vehicle's rooftop, and a beautiful lightening display in the distant mountains we had so much to smile about . . . as we were remembering our home birth of Matthew, 28 years ago . . . Over at Julie's!!!

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