Thursday, July 5, 2012

Declare Independence Day!

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On the 4th of July we celebrated our birth as a nation, independence from our motherland, England. Happy Birthday to all citizens of the United States!

Every time I pick a tomato from our garden, I declare independence! When I clip fresh herbs for homemade pizza or potato salad, I am declaring independence! Our girls (chickens or chooks) help us remain independent each time we gather one of their freshly laid eggs! Today we picked green grapes and peaches from our own vine and tree . . . That, my friend, is independence!


Tomatoes for homemade pizza sauce.

It's my hope and prayer that this blog will help you to regain some of your independence, no matter where you call home! It all begins with a decision to become less of a consumer and more productive as an individual by starting a garden, planting a fruit tree. . . You can't imagine the joy you will experience the first time you pull your own carrots fresh from the soil, pick your red juicy tomatoes and vitamin rich lettuces and within minutes make a salad . . . Your salad, in every way! The secret is to BEGIN! Buy a pot, plant an herb, make a (lasagna) garden, dig a hole and plant a fruit tree. With the economy of the world in such turmoil, we must take steps to secure our future.




During World War II people all over the world raised Victory Gardens. The War Food Administration created a National Victory Garden Program which had 5 main goals.

  1. Lessen the demand on commercial vegetable suppliers and thus make more available to the Armed Forces and lend-lease programs.
  2. Reduce demand on strategic materials used in food processing and canning.
  3. Ease the burden on railroads transporting war munitions by releasing produce carriers.
  4. Maintain the vitality and morale of Americans on the home front through the production of nutritious vegetables outdoors.
  5. Preserve fruits and vegetables for future use when shortages might become worse.
Have you ever seen such colorful BBQ Sauce at the grocery store?

It's time for us to plant Victory Gardens once again! If ever there was a time we needed to maintain vitality and morale all over this earth, it is now! If there was ever a time we needed to reduce the use of materials used in food processing and canning, it is now! If ever there was a time we needed to preserve fruits and vegetables for future use, it is now! Each one of us can make a difference towards the health and future of our nations.

Fresh dug . . . Yukon Golds.

As Will hung out our nation's flag, in the front of our home, we are remembering and also declaring FREEDOM as we move towards INDEPENDENCE that only we can choose to walk in . . . one step at a time . . . Over at Julie's.

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